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sweetizDesigns & Photography is a contemporary design and photography studio started by one inspired artist on Long Island, NY. 

That inspired artist is me, Amy :)  I am the owner, designer, and photographer at sweetizDesigns & Photography, specializing in maternity, newborn, baby, and family photography and specialty designs.  After becoming a parent, I have come to recognize the immense love and joy that children bring into our lives.  As parents, we long to capture and hold onto these special moments for eternity since they pass us by so quickly.  I hope to be that person to capture these amazing and sacred moments.  Just because it goes quickly, doesn't mean you can't freeze it to look at over and over again.  I want to make you laugh, cry, and just simply smile when you look at your photos.  With the use of natural light, a variety of props and backdrops, I strive to photograph every detail (big and small) of you and your family.  Most of my sessions are done at the comfort of your home or at an outdoor location.  I find children to be most at ease in their own homes and that is when I can get their silliest faces, happiest smiles, and cutest grins.  Once the photos are captured, the real fun begins.  I can design anything and everything for you.  I work with amazing vendors that are constantly offering new and innovative products for the modern family. 

On a personal note, I grew up on Long Island, NY, went to college at Boston University, and obtained my Masters in Education from Columbia's Teacher College.  It was during my time in Boston, when I first fell in love with photography.  I was a design major and took a photography class that changed everything.  It was also during my time in Boston University, that I found the love of my life.  We've been married nearly 10 years now :)  He's a wonderful guy who supports me in all my endeavors and loves that I am artsy, silly, and always looking for something to photograph.  I have two beautiful daughters who inspire me every day and have shown me what true love is.  In fact the name sweetiz is for my daughter Izzy.  She's my Sweet Iz!  My love for kids started well before having my own children, I was an art teacher for a few years before becoming a mommy.  During my time teaching, the greatest part was my interactions with my students.  I absolutely love kids of all ages!

I promise you, if you decide to go with sweetizDesigns & Photography for all your design and photography needs, you will be pleased with the experience and the products and during our journey together you will hopefully laugh, giggle, cry a little bit, and be in awe of it all.  I absolutely adore what I do and I give 200% and beyond.